Lasix refers to loop diuretics. It prevents excess absorption of salt. The medicine is effective for high blood pressure.


Aldactone refers to potassium-sparing diuretic.


Microzide refers to thiazide diuretics. It prevents excess salt absorption.

Diuretics Articles

Сan Diuretics Cause Diabetes?

Doctors often prescribe diuretics to eliminate excessive fluids as a way to reduce blood pressure – these medications are taken to decrease swelling in feet and hands (this condition is called edema).

Water Retention Is Known To Cause Acne In Many Cases

Water retention generally occurs with water buildup in the tissues as well as in the space between cells.

In fact, water retention is a result of excessive pressure on the vessels of the blood. Water starts to spread to the surrounding body tissues.

Salt Is The Main Cause Of Water Retention

In most cases water retention is caused by high amounts of salt in the diet. This might lead to the episodes of water retention.  Reducing sodium in the diet you will lower water retention or edema. Salt makes the body retain water, which the body stores and uses later; that’s why salt is important for any diets, but you should not overuse it.

Natural Diuretics To Treat Edema

Edema is a disorder which can cause excessive fluids build up in particular body parts like legs, feet, ankles, fingers. And generally in such conditions these parts of the body parts get swollen. But edema or water retention is in fact rarely a sign of a severe health disorder, and it commonly takes place because of hypertension which is high BP. So that to decrease the accumulation of excessive fluid in the body, people are highly recommended to lower salt intake becauser salty food aggravates water retention.

Edema Or Water Retention: Types And Causes

Edema is an accumulation of excess amounts of water or fluids in the cells and tissues of the body. In put it simply, edema is swelling which happens because of the retention of excessive fluid amounts in the tissues of the body. It generally takes place in the legs, feet, arms, hands, as well as in the ankles.

Three Easy Methods For Treating Water Retention Quickly

Water retention is actually a severe disorder and it is easy to know whether you suffer from water retention. So if you feel too fat for the clothes you usually wear, or you feel heavy; if your mouth puffs up in the morning, you might suffer from water retention. Bloating is another water retention sign.

Causes And Signs Of Water Retention (Edema)

Edema is a term to describe water retention in the tissues or some body organs, which can provoke swelling. Edema can be divided into 2 categories, general edema causing swelling all over the body and local edema provoking swelling in some particular body areas.

Natural Diuretic Foods And Their Activity In The Body

Water retention is very harmful. It normally happens in patients with heart diseases, liver and kidney disorders, hypertension, PMS symptoms, sciatica and others. It can be caused by B vitamins lack, and by the insufficiency of proteins and amino-acids in the diet and also because of the excess consumption of products rich in salt and sugar. The disorder caused by water retention in the tissues is called edema.

Different Types Of Diuretics, How They Work In The Body

Diuretics are therapeutic medications effective in increasing the output of urine and the frequency of urination. In terms of diuretics’ working mechanism, they are called water pills. Diuretic drugs act by making the kidneys increase sodium amount in the urine. While sodium concentration raises, more water can be absorbed from the blood, and this decreases the pressure on the blood vessels walls.

Diuretics To Reduce High Blood Pressure

Diuretics, also called as water pills, help to remove excessive water from the body. These medications can be found in 2 forms, natural diuretic food and synthetic diuretics. The common diuretic function is to assist the kidney in throwing away the surplus sodium as well as water from the body.

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