Glucotrol refers to sulfonylureas. The medicine controls the levels of blood sugar.


Actos is a medicine to control sugar levels in blood.

Actos is used in patients having type II diabetes. It may be combined with insulin medications. It does not treat type I diabetes.


Glucophage is a medicine to control sugar levels in blood. It is used in patients having type II diabetes.

Diabetes Articles

Causes And Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes mellitus type 2 represents a metabolic disease associated with high levels of blood glucose. This is the most common diabetes form (90%) worldwide, compared to other types, in particular gestational and type 1. Unlike diabetes type 1 caused by the failure in the production of insulin, diabetes type 2 is provoked because of the problems with body cells responding to insulin.

The Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes type 1is a form of diabetes mellitus. Generally it is caused because the immunity of the body destroys insulin secreting beta cells found in the pancreas. The body immune system performs the function of combating harmful bacteria and diseases, but in this case the immunity starts acting against the body and kills different body cells thus restricting insulin production in the body.

The Normal Glucose Levels For Adults And Children

The range of glucose in the body depends on many factors. These factors are – when you eat, what you eat, how much you eat and the type of exercising if you do it. The normal range of glucose also depends on how the glucose range is tested.

Tips On How You Can Reduce Blood Sugar Naturally

The term relating to high blood sugar is hyperglycemia. In the US obesity is a common health disorder. With obesity increase, diabetes has become common. Modern style of life is stressful and can cause such problems in anybody, although genetic conditions are often the cause provoking this disease.

Exercise For People Suffering From Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus which is also known as diabetes represents a disorder widely spread in the world nowadays. Diabetes is actually a disease that is the result of the disturbance provoked in the maintenance of the levels of sugar in the body. The levels of sugar are generally disturbed due to the troubles in the insulin secretion released by the pancreas. The state when sugar levels increase is hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia occurs when the levels of sugar fall below the normal levels.

Diabetic Acidosis: Causes And Symptoms

Diabetic acidosis is a severe complication that is generally attributed to diabetes mellitus. Actually the prevalence of these complications posing threat to human life is more in people with diabetes type 1, though generally individuals suffering from diabetes type 2 can have this condition too.

Some Fact You Should Know About Diabetes Causes

You might believe it or you might not but eating many sweets in childhood as weel as eating food that the parents tell are bad for your health is not the only cause of diabetes. Generally, the causes of diabetes are genetic in their nature. This is actually a widely known, scientifically proven thing that diabetes represents a genetic factor which runs in family lines.

The Three Main Warning Symptoms of Diabetes

The three main warning diabetes symptoms should not be ignored. Diabetes is the fifth leading death cause in the US. 75 thousand people die because of diabetes.

Types Of Diabetes, Risk Conditions And Possible Symptoms

Diabetes is a disorder for which high sugar levels are typical leading to insulin production shortage (type I), or insulin action defects on the target organs (type II). The levels of blood sugar are regulated by insulin. It is produced in the pancreas, and in healthy conditions, it generally keeps the normal levels of glucose.

Tips On How We Can Prevent Diabetes

Nowadays cases of diabetes are becoming more common among the global population. None of the age groups is safe from insulin deficiency. So the best option is to do the utmost to keep it at bay.

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