It refers to beta-blockers. The medicine affects circulation and the heart.


Lopressor is a medicine to treat high blood pressure. In is used alone or combined with certain other medicines.


Norvasc refers to calcium channel blockers. This relaxes (dilates) blood vessels, thus, decreasing the heart workload and lowering high blood pressure.


Plavix prevents coagulation of thrombocytes in order to prevent unwanted blood clots due to some blood vessel/heart conditions.


Prevacid works by decreasing the acid production in the stomach.


Toprol-XL refers to beta-blockers. The medicine affects circulation and the heart.

Cardiovascular Articles

Different Types of Heart Disorders

Types of heart disorders are classified by the heart part that is affected.

Arrthymia: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Types

Actually arrhythmia represents an irregular heartbeat. Arrhythmia is also sometimes named by the term dysrhythmia. Heart rates may be irregular. It is considered that a normal rate of the heart is 50 – 100 beats every minute. Abnormal heart rates and arrhythmias do not always happen together.

Causes, Symptoms And Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disorder is a state when the coronary system of circulation cannot provide the cardiac muscle with enough blood. Insufficient blood circulation to the heart leads to the surrounding tissue deterioration. The given heart disorder is an ailment identified as the first cause of premature death worldwide.

Congestive Heart Failure In Elderly People

Congestive heart failure represents a heart failure type which can develop in some time because of the incapability of the heart to provide the oxygenated blood necessary for the body tissues and cells.

Arteriosclerosis: Symptoms And Types Of Treatment

Arteriosclerosis causes arteries stiffening and loss of elasticity. Arteries are blood vessels in the body carrying nutrients and oxygen from the heart to the whole body. Actually arteries are to be strong, flexible, and elastic, but, excessive pressure inside the arteries makes the walls stiff and thick.

The Most Common Symptoms of Heart Attack

Heart is actually a specialized muscular organ maintaining the circulation of blood throughout the whole body. Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) is a result of death of some heart tissues because of full block in a coronary artery that supplies blood to the heart.

Heart Attack: Causes And Treatments For The Disorder

A heart attack (myocardial infarction) occurs when blood cannot reach any heart section. Abnormal blood supply to heart sections can make the muscle damaged from oxygen lack and result in death.

Risk Conditions For Developing Coronary Heart Disease

Some medical factors (like diabetes), diseases, smoking, and chemicals increase the risk of getting coronary heart disease and a heart attack. These factors lay the groundwork for various heart disorders and are named coronary risk conditions. To be able to prevent a heart attack, you are to know different coronary risk conditions which include abnormal levels of cholesterol, hypertension, smoking; such factors are to be modified and if possible eliminated.

The Main Causes of Heart Attack

The most common causes of heart attack is actually the deposits of plaque thick layers on the inner arteries linings. Actually the common plaque constituents are fatty substances, calcium and cholesterol. The process of plaque building up on the inside large arteries walls usually starts in childhood, and it takes 30 or more years to raise to a really high level, when it may threaten a person’s life.

Cardiovascular Workout In Thirty Minutes

Thirty minutes might not look like enough time to fit in a complete cardiovascular workout, though dependant on the workout intensity, it can be all that is necessary for burning fat as well as building the cardiovascular endurance.

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