Leukeran may be the cause of suppressed function of bone marrow, infertility, some cancers, and birth defects when treating cancer.


Nolvadex is a medicine to treat breast cancer having metastases to the body.

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What Factors Increase The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is characterized by a malignant skin growth.

The sun is the common cause of skin cancer. To put it more precisely it is not the sun itself but the excessive exposure to UV rays of the sun beams. It is extremely harmful to be exposed to the direct sunlight from 10am till 4pm.

Skin Сancer: Preventive Measures

Many individuals wish to know how to protect themselves from cancer as they get older. The thing is that the highest risk of getting skin cancer is exposure to UV radiation from the sunlight in childhood. The cumulative exposure to the radiation of UVA and UVB over many years changes the skin cells DNA which leads to skin cancer in particular if a person is within a category of high risk.

Skin Cancer : General Information

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancer types in the US. About1 million new skin cancer cases occur every year. Actually there are 3 skin cancer forms: melanoma, basal cell cancer, and squamous cell cancer. Melanoma is less spread than squamous cell cancer and basal cell cancer.

Leukemia Treatment With Green Tea

The chronic form of lymphocyte leukemia is considered to be the most common leukemia type in the US. It is a fatal disease. Unlike other cancer types when early detection of the disease can increase the chances of a patient’s recovery, the treatment with so called cytotoxic chemotherapy is extremely toxic but does not gaurantee that a patient will get over.


Some diseases occur without the sufferers’ fault. Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases and it has a lot of types among which leukemia is the most dangerous. Leukemia is blood cancer or the cancer of bone marrow. This cancer type is extremely difficult to treat.

How To Identify Early Stages Of Skin Cancer

Early intervention is very important for recovery. This is relevant for all diseases and skin cancer is not an exception. This means that the earlier you detect a disease the better chances you will have.

Bone Cancer Symptoms

Cancer can occur inside the skeleton and that means that a malignant tumor can appear in bones and joints. If a cancer first appears in a bone, this kind of tumor is a primary bone cancer. A tumor found in other body parts which was recognized as primary cancer can spread to the body bones. In this case it is called secondary bone cancer. Most cases of bone cancer happen inside of the arms and legs bones.

8 General Signals Of Child Leukemia

There are several common signs of leukemia in children which are important for parents to know.

The first sign is infection. Leukemia in kids very often causes fever which does not respond to the treatment with antibiotics. This is due to a small amount of white blood cells, in particular mature granuloctyes. As it increases the production of white blood cells but this type of cells cannot protect against an infection.

Skin Cancer And The Sunlight

At the time when the sun is high in the sky a lot of people prefer to go to the beach to stay in the sun. Sun exposure causes major harm to skin.

Surely we are aware that we ought to wear sunscreen while outside at the time. But let’s think how many people actually put on sunscreen in the morning every day.

Skin Cancer Signs

It is very important to know the warning signals if you wish to indicate skin cancer before it starts to develop without any control. You are to examine your body attentively with particular concern to any possible changes that may occur to any moles on the skin.

If you note any growth on the skin that appeared suddenly and changes in size, check with the doctor right away. This concerns especially if a growth is tan, translucent, brown, pearly or black or if it is of multiple colours. This is the early sign of skin cancer. You should check it as soon as possible to get it managed when it is in the first stage.

Herbal Medicines For Brain Cancer

Brain cancer represents a tumor or several tumors that formed by the brain. Mostly brain tumors appear in the brain from other body parts that are already affected (breast/lung) through the blood-stream. Only several cases of brain cancer originate in your brain.

The Review Of Treatments For Brain Cancer

Can the doctors improve prognosis of brain cancer? Oncologists say that brain cancer is the most dreadful type of cancer.

Karon Beattie who is a cancer survivor has written a book with 350 alternative treatments of cancer which thousands of patients have taken to get over their diseases including cancer of the brain.

How To Avoid Brain Cancer

Cancer represents a degenerative disease which so to say penetrates different organs. The diagnosis of cancer can be the most terrible news you have ever had. Let’s have a look how we can prevent brain cancer.

Brain Cancer: Some Possible Signs

Very often people ask how to know if it is brain cancer or not when an individual or a beloved person has certain symptoms that are likely (maybe not) be the signs of brain cancer. People have a lot of questions and it results from the researches in different aspects of brain cancer issue, including possible treatments and consequences.

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer

Cigarette smoking increases immensely the risk of lung cancer. Different researches have proven that the people who smoke are greatly more predisposed to lung cancer than those who don’t smoke. Smokers take 20 times higher risk of cancer of the lungs. Besides smoking causes many other negative effects which may lead to obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, not speaking about lung cancer. If you smoke cigarettes, you are advised to do your best to quit it.

Cancer – The Most Dreaded Disease

Cancer is one of the most horrible diseases. The cells in the body start to divide inadequately and form tumours. Tumours are divided into benign and malignant. Benign tumours do not provoke cancer but malignant tumours affect organs and tissues.

Actually 2 in 4 individuals may have cancer in their life.

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