Celexa refers to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It restores natural balance of serotonin


Desyrel refers to antidepressants. It affects brain chemicals causing depression when unbalanced.

Effexor XR

Effexor XR refers to selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. It affects brain chemicals causing depression when unbalanced.


Paxil refers to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It restores natural balance of serotonin in the brain helping to improve certain problems in the mood.


Seroquel refers to antidepressants. It affects some chemical action in brain.


Sinequan refers to tricyclic antidepressants. It affects brain chemicals causing depression when unbalanced.


Zyprexa refers to atypical antipsychotic drugs. The exact mechanism of its work is unknown.

Antidepressants Articles

Children Also Suffer From Depression

Depression can as well affect children of different ages, starting from preschool to early adulthood. The experts state that the depression rates among young people have really skyrocketed in recent time. A lately conveyed study among the students at Kansas State University revealed that the number of students in depression has doubled in the last thirteen years.

Herbal Treatments For Depression

As it was quoted in one newspaper – by 2020 depression will become the greatest problem in the world. Much lime light is given nowadays to psychological problems. And depression is among these psychological disorders which are being studied and discussed largely.

How Men Behave When They Are In Depression

At least 6 million men in the US suffer from a depression every year. Researcches have shown that though men and women develop the standard depression signs, still they suffer from depression in different ways and thus men and women need different methods of treating depression symptoms.

Myths And True Facts About Depression

Different myths and misconceptions about depression always separate humans from effective ways of treatments. It would be very useful for you to be aware of some facts about depression. This article contains the most wide spread and common myths about depression and reveals the truth about this disorder.

Depression After Breaking Up

Depression is a usual state that goes after a break-up. It is hard to cope with depression when people break up. The good news is that you are definitely not the first person to feel in such a way. Nevertheless time is the best doctor and sooner or later you will get over it. But if you are seeking for a relief, you are to follow the advice described below.

The Signs Of Pospartum Depression

Postpartum depression takes place in almost 10 % of mothers who have lately given birth to a child. It can be treated and is considered by doctors as an inherent part of birthing process. Depression symptoms show up in women in different ways, depending on the person.

The Most Frequent Causes Of Depression

Depression is such an illness which can strike anyone anytime. The difference between depression and some other disease is that a person can easily notice the warning signals.

Animal Therapy For Treating Depression

Animals have positive effects on our emotional well-being. Every day more people realize that the cathartic effects animals produce are very useful for improving our well-being, particularly in people with depression.

Natural Antidepressants

Every day the number of humans who suffer from depression is rising. Around six million Americans suffer from low mood state, the National Institute of Health reports. Besides one in four adults have a diagnosable mental disease. There are a lot of people who seek alternative ways to improve the mood. Lifestyle changes, the supplementation with amino acids, minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts and minerals are very useful in boosting your mood.

Forms Of Antidepressants

If you consider that you are sick due to recurrent depression should refer to medical assistance. The doctor will recommend you some depression medications. Individuals that have suffered from depression symptoms for more than a month need to contact the doctor right away. Those who have depression should be cooperative bringing up health matters with the doctor.

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