Flagyl refers to antifungal antibiotics. The medicine fights bacteria.


Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim) is antibacterial antibiotic.


Chloroquine refers to antimalarial agents. Exactly how this medicine works is not known.


Decadron refers to steroids. Dexamethasone blocks certain body substances connected with inflammation.


Doryx refers to tetracycline antibiotics. The medicine fights bacteria.


Stromectol refers to anti-parasite medication. It kills some body parasites.


Suprax refers to cephalosporin antibiotics. The medicine fights bacteria. The medicine treats various bacterial infections.

Antibacterial Articles

Important Facts About Melioidosis

Melioidosis, also named Whitmore’s Disease, is a disease that is caused by a bacteria under the name burkholderia pseudomallei (used to be named pseudomonas pseudomallei). The bacterium is normally found in contaminated soil or water and can be spread to people as well as animals via direct contact with a contaminated source. These bacteria are of extreme concern being a possible agent for bioterrorism and biological warfare.

Legionellosis: The Disease History And Symptoms

Legionellosis represents an infection provoked by such bacterium as legionella pneumophila. There are two legionellosis forms.

1) Legionnaires’ disease is actually the most serious infection form that might as well involve pneumonia. This type of the illness usually lasts 2-10 days after the infection but it is also likely to happen16 days later.

The Things You Should Know About Diphtheria

Diphtheria represents an infectious disease which is provoked by the bacterium under the name corynebacterium diphtheriae. This illness first of all hits the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract (in case of respiratory diphtheria), but it can also strike the skin (this is cutaneous diphtheria). The disease may also affect the lining tissues in the eyes, ears as well as in the genital areas.

General Information About Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis also abbreviated as TB is a disease which is generally caused by bacteria under the scientific term mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria were isolated for the first time by Robert Koch, a German doctor in 1882. Thanks to this discovery, he was awarded with the Nobel prize. In most cases TB generally strikes the lungs but the bacteria can affect almost all body organs. Long time ago this disorder was viewed as consumption as, if a patient does not receive an effective treatment, he or she is just step by step wasting away.  Surely nowadays tuberculosis can normally be successfully cured with the help of antibiotics.

White Tea Can Stop Bacterial And Viral Infections

White tea is really beneficial for your health. Let’s find out what white tea is, and how it can improve our health.

White tea is made of tea leaves that are immature. The leaves should be picked just before the fully bloom. White tea has its name from silver fuzz covering it. This very fuzz makes tea white.

What Causes Bacterial Infections? Treatments

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that could help us live or can cause death. But what causes bacterial infections? How to treat a bacterial infection? Let’s have a look.

Different bacteria can penetrate into different body parts. Having got into the body they cause infections in different areas, namely the digestive tract, the respiratory and the urinary tracts. Different things can be a cause of infection.

Some Interesting Facts About Eczema

Patients with eczema have to deal with unpleasant itching, redness, as wel as flaking skin, the risk of skin disorder to spread.

Actually further complications are likely to occur. Because of constant scratching a bacterial infection is likely to occur. It is necessary to do something really efficient to ease itching. Children suffering from atopic eczema should be taught how to deal with the discomfort without scratching.

What You Should Know About Good Bacteria

Bacteria, dirt, as well as germs, diseases and infections usually evolve negative emotions and impressions.

What many people simply don’t know is that some bacteria are really not harmful, they are not danferous, moreover they are helpful for humans. For instance we cannot curdle milk without these organisms. In fact, some bacteria make it possible for us to preserve taste as well as texture of different food types.

Bacteria: How To Stay On The Safe Side

Thousands of bacteria live in our kitchen and dangerous E.coli and staph bacteria are among them.

Start cleaning the kitchen from the sink and the faucet. The thing is that water passes through a little screen found on the faucet end and in some time it is not clean.

Basic Infornation About Bacterial Throat Infections

In case of a sore throat and some flu signs take some medicines and that will improve your state.

You should drink a lot and make the air in your bedroom humid with a steamer, take throat tablets several times a day. Acetaminophen as well as ibuprofen is effective in such cases for alleviating pain.

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