Atarax decreases the central nervous system activity. It also decreases the natural histamine in your body.



Singulair refers to leukotriene inhibitors. The medicine refers to body chemicals when breathing in allergens, like pollen.


Periactin decreases the natural histamine in your body. Histamine is responsible for watery eyes, running nose, sneezing.


Seroquel refers to antidepressants. It affects some chemical action in brain.


Zoloft refers to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It affects brain chemicals causing depression, anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive symptoms when unbalanced.

Allergies Articles

Allergies That Are Typical In Winter Months

Cold temperature generally brings relief to people with allergy to pollen or mold. However winter cannot put an end to itchy red eyes, runny noses, wheezing for people with allergy or asthma. More time spent indoors mean more troubles with gas fumes, dust mites, cigarette smoke, pet dander, household chemicals. All these can cause asthma signs.

Allergy Is A Common Ailment Nowadays

Allergies of different types are constantly striking humans as they go forward with the development. Allergy derives from the words ‘allos’ and ‘ergon’ (Greek) and means ‘other’ and ‘work’.

Latex Allergy: How To Cope With The Disorder

Rubber tree produces some kind of milky fluid which is generally used to make latex. Latex is very popular in health care. Actually it can protect health workers as well as other individuals from catching an infectious disease. That’s why latex is vital in society but it also has a downside.

Some Ways To Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

Allergy provokes many troubles with breathing and if you suffer from asthma it aggravates the state. Some drugs are used for asthma and for allergies. They belong to main inhalers that are indicated to relieve allergy as well as asthma.

MSG Allergy: Symptoms And Prevention

Monosodium glutamate represents a food seasoning and additive used in order to improve the food taste. This component is largely used in Asian cooking. The common symptom of this allergic reaction is numbness felt in the neck back, also in the shoulders and arms. The described sign is often accompanied by chest pains, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, as well as heart palpitations.

Basic Information About Allergen

An allergen represents a substance (antigen) that the body views as harmful. This substance provokes different allergic reactions.

Widely spread allergens include dust, animal fur and pollen but people can have allergic reaction to anything. The organism uses IgE (immunoglobulin E) an antibody type) responses only for the reaction of defense against different infections. But it can happen that the body starts to apply an IgE response against ordinary antigens in the environment.

Some Facts Concerning Food Allergy

Many people with food allergy have a very common question: Why do we have allergic responses to some products? Allergy generally appears when a particular substance gets into the body and the organism views this substance as dangerous. Why some chemicals are perceived by some individuals as harmful is not yet revealed.

Natural Perfumes: Are They Really Safe

People are very often allergic to perfumes. According to the results of numerous researches it was found out and further it was proven that natural aromatic oil which is supposed to be less dangerous and harmful for our health in comparison to synthetic oil may also lead to various allergic reactions.

Pollen Allergy: Preventive Measures

It is rather hard to prevent but still possible to avoid the symptoms of hay fever.

First of all it is crucial to discover the reason for the allergy, what substances provoke the symptoms.  People very often have no idea that ordinary things surrounding us such as grasses, weeds and trees could be perceived by your organism as allergens and can evolve allergy.

Allergy Causes And How To Deal With Them

The signs of allergy are often the result of opposing reaction of the organism to usual chemicals which in fact are not harmful for the immune system and don’t endanger our health.

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