Some Interesting Facts On Heart Diseases

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Heart disease is actually a common term encompassing several the disorders provoked by some troubles in the blood vessels and the heart. Cardiovascular diseases are disorders of the circulatory system and the heart. One individual in four in the US have some cardiovascular disorder and that is about fifty seven million people. As it was estimated, over a million individuals per year die because of a heart disorder in America. The facts about heart diseases show that this is number 1 death cause, particularly in individuals over 35 years old.

There are various types of heart diseases, including heart failure, coronary heart disease, peripheral artery disease and angina. Actually coronary heart disease is the common form of heart disorder, which occurs because of coronary arteries narrowing. It is estimated that in about every 30 seconds, one American generally suffers from some coronary condition; besides, every sixty seconds, a person dies due to a coronary attack. This provokes heart attack which equals to 500,000 deaths every year in the US.

The symptoms of a heart disease are discomfort and chest pain, irregular heartbeat, nausea, pain in neck and shoulders, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, indigestion, fatigue, jaw and back pain.

There are particular risk conditions to get a heart disease. They can be categorized in the following way: controllable and uncontrollable risks. Controllable risks are obesity, diabetes, smoking, physical inactivity, hypertension, huge alcohol intake, cholesterol levels. Uncontrollable risks are race, sex (male/female), age), individual medical history as well as family history.

There are some guidelines how to live a healthy life. The guidelines promote eating many vegetables and fruits every day, inculcating grain products in your diet, decreased fat and sodium consumption, controlling the calorie intake and loss. You are to enlarge the levels of fiber and monosaturated fats in your diet.

Men are believed to be at a larger risk of heart disease. About one in every three women is estimated to die because of a heart disorder and forty percent of deaths are the result of CVD. The signs of heart diseases in females appear to be less vivid and can be normally noticed in advanced stages. Besides, women in post menopause stage as well as those that take oral contraceptives are presumably more predisposed to having a heart disease.

As it was discovered, people with gum diseases are two times more prone to have a heart disease. The style of life a person has contributes to the risks of heart diseases. To reduce the risk factors for developing a heart disease, you should follow a healthy balanced diet, do exercises regularly and to get rid of such bad habits as alcohol abuse and smoking. This will be really beneficial for your wellness and health.

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