The Common Signs Of Dyspepsia Or Indigestion

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Generally people are prone to think of dyspepsia symptoms as the ones that originate from the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract, first the stomach and the initial area of small intestine. The most common symptoms observed in this disorder are:

  • belching
  • upper abdominal pain
  • nausea (in some cases may be accompanied by vomiting)
  • abdominal bloating
  • early satiety
  • abdominal distention

Generally the symptoms are frequently caused by eating. This happens mostly after meals.

It is important to discuss belching since this is a common symptom attributed to dyspepsia. Belching (eructating and burping) is gas expelling from the stomach through one’s mouth. Belching is caused by an inflated stomach which is provoked by swallowed gas and air. The stomach distension evolves abdominal discomfort, and belching expels air thus relieving discomfort. The general reason for swallowing huge air and gas amounts are drinking carbonated beverages and gulping food, anxiety might also be the reason. Very often individuals don’t know that they are actually swallowing some air. Besides, if there is no excessive air in the stomach, belching can make more air swallowed. Burping children during breast or bottle feeding is very important to expel air in your stomach swallowed with milk or formula.

Excess air present in the stomach is actually not the only reason for belching. Sometimes people can develop a habit of belching and cannot reflect the air amount in the stomach. In other cases belching is a reaction to the abdominal discomfort and not only to the discomfort provoked by elevated gas. Everybody knows when they experience slight abdominal discomfort, belching can relieve this trouble. It happens as excess air amounts in the stomach often provoke slight abdominal discomfort. In such a way people belch every time mild abdominal discomfort occurs-whichever the cause might be.

If the disorder that evolves discomfort is not excess air amounts in the stomach, belching cannot relieve the problem. As it was told before, it might aggravate the situation having increased the air in your stomach. In cases when belching cannot mitigate the discomfort, then it ought to be viewed as a symptom indicating that something is wrong with the abdomen. Thus the reason for the discomfort should be found. Belching itself does not actually assist the doctor to detect what can be wrong as belching can take place in any of the abdominal disorders and various health conditions which might provoke such kind of discomfort.

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