The Normal Glucose Levels For Adults And Children

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The range of glucose in the body depends on many factors. These factors are – when you eat, what you eat, how much you eat and the type of exercising if you do it. The normal range of glucose also depends on how the glucose range is tested.

Glucose is actually the primary energy source for people and animals. It represents sugar type that transverses via the blood stream. The organism gets glucose supply when we consume carbohydrates. Insulin and glucagon regulate glucose levels in the body. Insulin represents a hormone produced by the pancreas to control the levels of glucose. Glucagon is a hormone too, it is released by the pancreas. This hormone has the opposite function to that of insulin and controls whether the glucose amount in the body is sufficient.

Normal levels of glucose

Fasting normal glucose range
It is the glucose range after you have fasted with no liquid or food though, water is allowed for 8 hours before testing. This normal glucose range should be 70 – 110 mg/deciliter.

Random normal level range of glucose
The sample for this test can be taken any time. The numbers are to be in the low to mid 100’s. If the ramge of glucose about 200 mg/deciliter is noticed, diabetes diagnosis will be carried out.

The normal range of glucose before eating
The normal range before you eat is 70 – 130 mg/dl. It is advisable to keep the glucose level at this range so that to avoid the damage of kidney, nerve and blood vessels.

The normal range after eating
Generally it is higher because the body has received a new supply of carbohydrates that are transformed into glucose. The normal range after eating ought to be less than 180 mg/dl.

The normal range of glucose
For people without diabetes, the normal glucose range is between 70 and 120 mg/dl. For diabetics the normal range of glucose is to be less than 154 mg/deciliter. The normal range for kids before breakfast is 70 – 99 mg/dl. 2 – 4 hours after eating, the normal glucose level is 70 – 139 mg/dl.

So to conclude we can say that having seen the normal levels of glucose for non diabetic adults, for adults suffering from diabetes and for kids, it is important to keep the readings of glucose levels. It can help to be control whether you or your family members have diabetes. Besides, this will determine, if a person is in the so called pre-diabetes stage (the levels of glucose are higher than the normal ones, but they are not so high yet to detect diabetes). Take care of yourself.

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