Antibiotics In Treating Chest Infections

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Most people are aware that antibiotics help only to treat bacterial infections. Many chest infections that occur in the upper respiratory tract are evolved by the virus that has over 150 strains.

In past antibiotics were often use for chest infections, but they are not recommended because they can cause more harm than good. In fact antibiotics do not rise the recovery period of an illness, they can produce a dangerous effect on other medicines that were prescribed like warfarin, a blood thinning medication, and the birth control pills that may make the pill not effective. Antibiotics disturb gut flora and that affects healthy bacteria populations in your body.

And bacteria are able to mutate and thus to become resistant to strong and more sophisticated medications used to fight against them.

The effect of immune deficiency is a matter of concerns for modern medicine worldwide.

Antibiotics for chest infections are usually determined for aged people with a temperature more than 38, or in such condition as asthma and some long lasting lung condition, also if you smoke and have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Antibiotics for chest infections may be advised if the immune system is weakened after chemotherapy, also if you suffer from pleurisy or diabetes which in fact is inflammation of the lungs lining.


The greatest advantage of antibiotics is that they reduce the possibility of pneumonia that might be caused by a chest infection, especially in the elderly. The conclusion was made by Mr. Peterson and his colleagues from The Centre for epidemiology and infectious disease in London. It was found out that one of the advantages of taking antibiotics is in the decreased risk of pneumonia after some chest infection. The risk increases with the age of people being treated. In 65 studying groups 403 people out of 1000 were at high risk of getting pneumonia, in case if a chest infection remained uncured .The number was lowered to 146 out of 1000 in case of treating with antibiotics. Only 39 patients of 65 years old and over this age would need the treatment with antibiotic drugs for preventing 1 pneumonia case in comparison with 119 people from1 to 64 years old.

The studies taken from the records of the time period from 1991 to 2001 made a conclusion that antibiotics are to be prescribed just in severe cases of some chest infection.


The immune system is likely to be stronger and people will be able to protect themselves from different bacterial or viral infections if they lead a more healthy life!

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