Cancer – The Most Dreaded Disease

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Cancer is one of the most horrible diseases. The cells in the body start to divide inadequately and form tumours. Tumours are divided into benign and malignant. Benign tumours do not provoke cancer but malignant tumours affect organs and tissues.

Actually 2 in 4 individuals may have cancer in their life.

The reason is generally an abnormal cell growth which makes the cells divide uncontrollably.

Cancer strikes different organs and parts of the body: bladder, breast, lung and so on. Most patients suffering from cancers can be cured. If not totally cured cancer can be controlled for quite a long time.

Breast Cancer is increasing among the masses. Symptoms of breast cancer in men and women are: lumps, abnormality, painless lump, fluid release from nipple, nipple’s hypersensitivity, swelling/redness, skin changes.

The factors that greatly high the risks of breast cancer:

Radiation exposure – radiation therapy makes you more predisposed to breast cancer

The genetic connection – If a family member (sister/mother) has had breast cancer then you are highly prone to having it too. The same is relevant for men who have women relatives who suffer from breast cancer.

Age: 80% risks for women over 50 and 5% risks for younger ladies.

Breast cancer history – individuals who have already had breast cancer in one breast can develop cancer again.

Hyperestrogenism- men with extremely high levels of estrogen are more predisposed to cancer.

Cancer treatment: chemotherapy/ hormonal therapy, radiotherapy, active surveillance, surgery. If you have suspects consult the doctor immediately! The diagnosis is the first step. The abnormality is to be examined, then it’ll be diagnosed by the help of X-ray images or mammograms. Then there go CAT/MRI plus enzyme, blood test and biopsy before prescribing chemotherapy or surgery.

All cancer forms can be prevented if you stop smoking and drinking. A diet with fruits and vegetables, avoidance of strong sunlight will also help to prevent cancer. It is strongly advised to take regular screening to check if any abnormalities appear.

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