Levitra is a medicine to treat impotence (erectile dysfunction). Your physician may use the medicine to treat certain other conditions not listed here.

Levitra refers to phosphodiesterase inhibitors. It helps to increase the flow of blood into penis and relaxes muscles at the time of sexual stimulation. The medicine helps achieve erection and maintain it.

You should not take Viagra together with nitrate drugs. This may cause a serious blood pressure reduce, heart attack, stroke.

If you have nausea, fainting, dizziness, chest, neck, or arms pain, vision or hearing loss (sudden), ringing in the ears, sweating, nausea, irregular heartbeat, convulsions, body swelling, breath shortness, painful or prolonged penis erection (4 hours or more) contact your physician straightway. It may lead to serious side effects.

You may also experience less serious side effects like chest, neck, face warmth/redness, headache, stuffy nose, problems with memory, upset stomach, pain in your back.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Pills for Male Erection Problems

November 2nd, 2009 Edit

Anti-impotence treatment

The choice of ED treatment is very individual, depending on its causes. Only a doctor can help to choose the medicine most suitable for you. It is necessary to know whether you have any health problems or allergies before taking any ED pills, therefore the anti-impotence drugs are available only on prescription. Consultation with specialist is essential.

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