Singulair refers to leukotriene inhibitors. The medicine refers to body chemicals when breathing in allergens, like pollen.

They cause lung swelling, muscle tightening around the airways, resulting in asthma symptoms.

Singulair prevents attacks of asthma in adults and also in children above 12 months. Singulair relieves sneezing, running nose of allergic nature in adults and also in children above 6 months.

Consult the physician before giving it to your child.

It may prevent exercise-induced bronchoconstriction in people not receiving the medicine for other conditions.

Do not use it for exercise-induced bronchoconstriction if you take it for asthma prevention.

Your physician may use the medicine to treat certain other conditions not listed here.

Do not treat an attack of asthma if it has already begun. It needs time to become effective. Use fast-acting inhalation in this case. Consult the physician if your medicine does not work well. The symptoms will improve within several weeks. Use it as prescribed. Consult the physician if you get no improvement after some weeks of treatment.

Contact the physician straightway in case of any worsening.


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